Biantai-ians Happy Biantai
hahs! I LOVE BIANTAI!!! whees! :D
my name is SHARON LUM MUN YEE(:
im 8 in de yr 2000 hahs!



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    Monday, August 02, 2010

    i guess im too dependant on you in the past :/ now its so hard for mie to be independant. today i jus realise that things can never be the same again. it really sank into my head. i was so dumb not to realise earlier. its so amazing that you could phase your words until you are so nice. in de end, you dun really feel that way as you appear it in another.

    time to grow up sharonlum! :D INDEPENDANT TIME!

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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    woke up at 6plus in de morning (even though i din send ronney off) hahs. i jus cant get back to slp aft receiving sms =X hahs! called RONNEY to chat with him for awhile :D (i will really miss that guy!! away for 7months :( ) and then i went to de doctors!! DOCTOR SAID THAT IM FIT TO GO OUT! whees!!! :D :D :D i was super happy when i heard that! :D and was blabbering away~~ (doctor said i was cute) hehes! ^^

    anw, got timetable today. it was so-so i guess. mon and tue i have lessons from 12pm to 4pm (thats okay :D) wed from 8am to 7pm (uh oh!!) thur from 9am to 6pm (not good too!) fri from 8am to 12pm (okay, this is good too!) hahs! thats abt it. and my cds is psychology. hope i can handle it :D hahs!

    i miss all my frens!!!! cant wait to hug them!!! hahahs :D
    love piggy! ♥

    BianTai-S blogged@ 12:37 AM___________________

    Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    whees! finally de day has come! piggy is back :D ♥♥♥
    finally can tok to him! :D hehes!
    but too bad.. i cant meet him at all..
    im stuck at home bcus of chicken pox!! :/
    while others are out enjoying themselves, i have to 'rest' at home.
    but anyways, im recovering quite fast! :D huhu! though, i will have to wait till 15th to go and see de doctor again :/ but de spots are starting to dry up! yays! :D
    ~spots spots go away, dun ever come back liao~~ hehes! lalalas~

    today is day 5...9 more days to freedom!! :DDDD

    BianTai-S blogged@ 7:31 AM___________________

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    must learn how to be happy :D
    a happy girl!
    cheese!! ♥
    love piggy!
    piggy is back tmr!!

    even thou cant meet him until sch reopen... :/ i will jus have to bear with it and treasure all de other moments i can have with him in future! love you piggy! :D
    counting down.... 18hrs! hahs!


    BianTai-S blogged@ 2:54 AM___________________

    Saturday, April 03, 2010 great.. its my turn to have chicken pox.. :/ i jus went to see de doctor on 2nd april morning.. cus i was having fever and found spots on my body. so de doctor confirmed that i was having chicken pox. he said someone pass it to mie 2wks ago.. :/ doctor shocked mie by telling mie that i have to consume these VIREST medicine, 5times a day, each time 2tablets. and thats not all. there is also medicine for fever and rashes :/ 19 tablets is every 24hr. hai! and i have to have soft diet.. (yeayea.. jian fei) and enough rest. de doctor oso gave mie a bottle of soap to bathe with and calamine lotion to apply :) i have 14days of MC.. meaning, i will miss my last 2wks of holiday.. :/

    today is only de 5th day that piggy is not around.. :/ hmm, piggy have been missing out quite alot of things in my life.. but i got inform piggy that i have chicken pox.. too bad i cant go fetch piggy and i cant meet attend ronney farewell dinner.. (see you in 7months bah)
    its weird...i dunno how to explain it. these 5days without piggy around.. :/ i dun like that feeling.. :( even though i have other frens there for mie.. its jus different bah.. hmm, hope you come back soon.. :)

    BianTai-S blogged@ 1:16 AM___________________

    Monday, March 29, 2010


    yupyup! you are right! HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!! not in 3D :D frankly speaking, mie and piggy din plan to watch this show.. we wanted to watch WHEN IN ROME at first. but i think i caught de wrong timing bah. so din managed to watch that. overall, its a great movie! i like NIGHT FURY de dragon! so cute! ^______^ anyway.. so before de movie at eng wah (suntec).. piggy and i went to have lunch at JusAcia (Marina Square) :D :D :D awww! its way better than de outlet at EHub! oops! =X hehes! we tried something different! yummy yummy!!


    this was my meal! salmon terriyaki and deep fried chicken! alot rite? hahahs! but piggy helped mie eat most of it. piggy's meal was some tomyum soup thing and ebi fry! hahs! de tomyum soup is NICE! and de other best part is that, there is a soft ice cream machine!! awww! yummy! ^^

    i did a booklet of our photos for piggy!! :D personally im quite satisfied with it. and shazhu seem to like it too! hehes! *happy happy* that shagua is goin off to cambodia soon.. 30th march 3.30am.. in jus a few hours :( awww.. i will miss piggy alot alot alot!! hope he will takecare! ;D *huggy huggy*

    OHYAR! had biantai chalet during de 18th, 19th and 20th of march at aloha loyang! it was great :D hahs! i miss everyone! but i dun wish sch to start so soon! :/ i haven had enough fun!!

    BianTai-S blogged@ 9:06 AM___________________

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    its the fate that brought us together :D so lets treasure it! :D

    BianTai-S blogged@ 7:32 AM___________________